Pipeline Partners

         Talus Analytics is a cutting-edge data science firm and a committed Pipeline Partner, supporting the SPEC Lab financially, and committing to interview SPEC applicants each year for summer internships and full-time post-graduation positions. Talus’s CEO, Ellie Graeden, conducts regular informational interviews with Lab members, helping them think through their career options.

         Talus Analytics is a small, woman-owned business that specializes in translating complex data into actionable information. Led by PhD-level scientists and grounded by experience in real-time operations support, the Talus team has extensive experience coordinating data sharing and facilitating effective, data-driven decision making. Building on a foundation of success in supporting emergency management, biosecurity, and global health, Talus are rapidly translating their methods to exciting new areas to make data useful for a diverse set of clients. Talus's expertise includes working across federal agencies and internationally to determine how data, data analysis, and computational modeling can be used to support informed decision making across a wide range of mission areas.

Learn more about Talus Analytics here and their research here.

SPEC Student Experience:

Grace Wu

I greatly enjoyed my experience working at Talus Analytics. Everyone was so warm and welcoming and truly made me feel part of the team. As a research intern, I was assigned to a main project but was able to hop onto any other project or meetings I liked, which helped me gain a lot of exposure to how different teams operated in a company. They had me working on tasks where I could see my direct contribution to the company, which really inspired me to work my hardest. I had such a great experience at Talus and would recommend it to anyone looking for a welcoming family of extremely intelligent researchers and developers.

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