New in The Washington Post Monkey Cage blog)

Kelly Zvobgo writes for The Washington Post again. Read her article, “The Trump administration opposes the International Criminal Court. Do Americans agree?”


SPEC Project considered by the World Trade Organization (WTO)

Graduate Student Nicolás Albertoni was asked to offer his perspective (in Spanish) on how global trade will look in 2030 considering the work SPEC are doing at TPT. His comments were even features on the WTO's Twitter account SPEC is collaborating with governments and development finance institutions to tackle research questions of mutual interest.


SPEC World Bank Project Honored with ISA Best Human Rights Paper Award

Kelly Zvobgo and Ben Graham's paper, “The World Bank as an Enforcer of Human Rights" received the Best Human Rights Paper Award from the International Studies Association at the 60th Annual Convention.


Undergraduate students invited to co-author op-eds

SPEC provides a platform of exposure for both undergraduate student work and actual research findings. Some of our op-eds throughout the years include “China, the U.S., and Latin America: Who’s Trading More Openly?” and "From NAFTA to USCMA: Does a rose by any other name smell as sweet?" (one of the top 10 most read articles in Global Americans in 2018)


New in The Washington Post Monkey Cage blog

Kelly Zvobgo (USC POIR) and Shauna Gillooly (UC Irvine Political Science) recently wrote for The Washington Post. Check out their article, “Human rights workers are getting killed in Colombia. Here’s what could help save the peace.”


Kelly Zvobgo's article is published in the Journal of Human Rights

SPEC Director Kelly Zvobgo's article,"Designing Truth: Facilitating Perpetrator Participation at Truth Commissions" has been published in the Journal of Human Rights.