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The University of Southern California, Dornsife College, and the School of International Relations recognize the importance of opportunities for students to work closely with faculty. Partnerships between faculty and students are a hallmark of the USC undergraduate experience and the opportunities for undergraduate research experience at USC are unrivaled at other large research universities. It is through these partnerships that students learn the nuts and bolts of how knowledge is created. They learn by failing. They learn by eventual success. Participating first-hand in producing knowledge, rather than just consuming it, better equips students for success in a competitive job market where innovation and knowledge production are highly prized.

The SPEC Lab conducts interdisciplinary, policy-relevant research on issues at the intersection of climate change, security, and economic development. These research projects provide opportunities for undergraduate students to develop data science and other research skills and apply them directly to the policy challenges facing national governments and international institutions.

SPEC Application

The SPEC lab currently does not have any openings for Fall 2019. Feel free to fill out an application and we will add you to our email list when openings within SPEC or other social science research opportunities arise.

We also encourage interested students to enroll in IR392 with Professor Megan Becker which will prepare you with the social science research skillsets necessary to work for SPEC and will accelerate your Spring 2020 application.


General Qualifications:

If you are interested in the substance of the lab and the training we provide, please do not hesitate to apply, regardless of your technical toolkit (or current lack thereof). If you are in your first or second year and are considering waiting to apply until you have taken more classes and are more qualified, don't wait! We'll train you.

If you want to increase your chances of being hired by the lab, especially if you weren't accepted the first time you applied, click here to see how you can develop skills for the SPEC lab (or any research group!)